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What is Vieremä 4H?

Vieremä 4H was founded in 1943. At first it was called the Agriculture club of Vieremä but in 1972 it changed its name to Vieremä 4H association.

Vieremä 4H is part of the Finnish 4H federation. We share the same values as all of the 4H federations world wide.

Heart stands for treating other human beings and nature with respect.

Head stands for developing our thinking.

Hands stands for learning practical skills, learning by doing.

Health stands for complete physical and mental wellbeing.

Our values are the heart of all our activities and decision- making. They guide all of the local 4H associations that are part of the Finnish 4H federation.

The decision making body of the Vieremä 4H association is the board. Association employs two people, the executive director  and youth leader .  

The biggest financial supporters are The ministry of agriculture and forestry and Vieremä county council (The village).

The association has about 140 members, most of them aged between 6 and 29.

Suomen 4H-liitto/Mikko Lehtimäki

What do we do?

4H clubs

Vieremä 4H has about seven different 4H clubs per week. Clubs meet about 22 times during the school year and are meant for kids aged between 6 and 12. 2018 we had over 70 club members! Membership is not obligated but preferred. We try to keep the prices low so kids can participate no matter what.

The clubs are run by volunteers or associations youth leader. Usually the club leaders are aged between 13 and 19. Leading clubs is one of the ways how the association employs youth!

Some of the clubs have themes like Kitchen skills, sports, hand crafts, nature or animals. The club leaders plan all the club meetings and activities. Usually the meeting lasts an hour. Vieremä 4H clubs meet in the schools around the village and in the 4H office. This way we can offer 4H clubs for as many children as possible!


Vieremä 4H organizes four day camps and few over-night camps for kids during summer.

Day camps last from 10 am to 3 pm, and are meant for kids whose parents are working and need "day care". During the camp days we cook, play, do crafts, go to picnics and spend time outside. The day camps are usually free and the funding comes from Regional State Administrative Agency.

Over-night camps are usually organized with either the village youth worker or different associations.

Youth Employment

We offer different kind of summer jobs for youth over 13 years old. They can work for example as camp leaders, in summer cafes, different events of as housekeepers. They can also start their own 4H enterprises for the summer and employ themselves.

International cooperation

In summer 2017 Vieremä 4H and Devon young farmers organized a youth exchange that took place both in Vieremä and in Devon. At first the group from Finland spent a week in Devon and then the group fron DYFC spent a week in Vieremä. 

In summer 2019 and 2018 we organized an international camp here in Vieremä with Wyoming 4H. Our youth and the visitors spent few days in a camp and then in host families.